In GSET, community engagement refers to the active involvement and participation of members, stakeholders, and the wider community in the organization’s activities, decision-making processes, and initiatives. It aims to build relationships, foster collaboration, and promote a sense of belonging and ownership among members and the community.

Community engagement in GSET includes:

1. Member participation in committees, working groups, and task forces.
2. Attending events, conferences, and webinars.
3. Contributing to online forums, social media, and discussion groups.
4. Volunteering for community service projects or outreach initiatives.
5. Providing feedback and input on organizational initiatives and policies.
6. Collaborating with other members and stakeholders on projects and initiatives.
7. Participating in mentorship programs or peer support networks.
8. Engaging in advocacy efforts to promote the profession or industry.
9. Supporting professional development and continuous learning opportunities.
10. Celebrating member achievements and successes.

Community engagement in GSET Lead To:

1. Increased member retention and satisfaction.
2. Improved organizational relevance and credibility.
3. Enhanced professional development and networking opportunities.
4. Stronger advocacy and policy influence.
5. Greater community impact and social responsibility.
6. Increased diversity, equity, and inclusion.
7. Better decision-making and governance.
8. Improved communication and collaboration.
9. Enhanced reputation and brand.
10. Greater overall success and sustainability.

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