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happening this friday!

Eastern Regional Teacher Meet-up


Developing Critical Thinking Questions for Assessment

Calling on all teachers in the Eastern Region to join us for an insightful meetup as we discuss and answer questions on how to develop critical thinking questions for assessments!


Friday, 7th June, 2024


Presby Church Hall - Mamfe



What are Teacher Meet-Ups?

Teacher meet-ups are gatherings held within schools or in clusters, providing a platform for educators across all levels to come together and discuss pertinent issues, share knowledge, and seek clarification on various topics. These meet-ups serve as collaborative forums where teachers can exchange ideas, experiences, and strategies to enhance their teaching practices and address common challenges.

Enhanced Collaboration
Teacher meet-ups foster a culture of collaboration, enabling educators to work together more effectively. By sharing best practices and resources, teachers can support each other and develop innovative approaches to teaching.

Professional Development
These gatherings provide opportunities for continuous professional development. Teachers can stay updated on the latest educational trends, methodologies, and technologies, ensuring they deliver the highest quality education to their students.

Addressing Challenges
Teacher meet-ups offer a safe space for educators to discuss and find solutions to common challenges. Whether it’s classroom management, student engagement, or curriculum development, these discussions help teachers navigate their professional hurdles more efficiently.

Building a Supportive Community
Creating a sense of community among teachers is crucial. Meet-ups help build strong professional relationships, fostering a supportive network that teachers can rely on for advice, encouragement, and mentorship.

How GSET Can Help

At GSET, our goal is to ensure that schools can seamlessly conduct these gatherings independently. Here’s how we can assist:

  • We provide comprehensive support to help schools set up their first few teacher meet-ups. From logistical planning to agenda setting, we guide schools through every step of the process.
  • GSET supplies schools with a variety of resources and tools to ensure successful meet-ups. This includes discussion guides, facilitation techniques, and feedback mechanisms to make each session productive and meaningful.
  • Our team offers specialized training and workshops for teachers and school administrators on how to effectively conduct and manage meet-ups. This training ensures that participants are equipped with the skills necessary to lead future gatherings.
  • GSET provides ongoing support to help schools refine and improve their meet-ups over time. We are always available to offer advice, troubleshoot issues, and share new strategies.

Regularly scheduled teacher meet-ups have a profound impact on teaching outcomes.

Improved Teaching Practices
As teachers continually share and learn from each other, they implement more effective teaching practices. This leads to better student engagement and improved academic performance.

Increased Teacher Morale
When teachers feel supported and heard, their job satisfaction and morale increase. Happy teachers create a more positive learning environment, which benefits students immensely.

Enhanced Student Outcomes
Ultimately, the professional growth and improved practices that result from regular teacher meet-ups lead to better educational outcomes for students. They receive a more dynamic, informed, and compassionate education.

Sustainable Professional Growth
Teacher meet-ups establish a culture of lifelong learning within schools. As teachers grow professionally, they continuously bring new knowledge and skills into the classroom, ensuring that education remains relevant and high-quality.

At GSET, we are passionate about fostering a collaborative and supportive educational community. Let us help you set up and sustain effective teacher meet-ups to ensure that both teachers and students thrive.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your school’s journey towards excellence!

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