National EdTech Testbed Forum

Applying models for a new testbed to improve evidence in EdTech


Finding evidence in educational technology can be challenging. We employ four models to gather evidence that guides our decisions regarding EdTech.


EdTech suppliers, researchers, teachers and students work together to identify educational needs and opportunities, and to develop a combination of technology and pedagogy to address these.

Test and Learn

EdTech suppliers work with schools to rapidly test their product in a school setting so they can improve it.

Evidence Hub

A place for schools and policymakers to work with EdTech developers and researchers to generate evidence about impact, synthesize it, and disseminate evidence-based advice to guide adoption and scaling.

EdTech Network

A network of schools, researchers, and suppliers that share their experience and insights. As well as networking, this may involve training and professional development

This is an annual event. Check back soon for updated details on the next forum!

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