GSET EdTech Fellowship Programme

Model and Approach

GSET transforms education and development by listening and connecting. We believe Ghanaian youth working together with local communities have the capacity to solve some of Ghana’s most pressing challenges in education. We constantly strive to apply best practices that engage all stakeholders, promote collaboration, and give ownership to communities. We apply the best practices in national development to give ownership to local communities, facilitate collaboration among development partners, and assess the impact of our work. 

Our approach is simple and lasting. We recruit driven, young people to move to underserved, disconnected communities in Ghana for one year. GSET EdTech Fellows complete four weeks of intensive training built around experiential learning to equip them with the skills and mindsets to succeed. Next, they live and work with communities to identify and address evolving and complex local educational needs. Finally, they facilitate community members to design, invest in, and implement solutions, embarking on a pathway to transformative change.

As a nonprofit organization, we offer a transformative experience to emerging digital technology leaders in Ghana – giving them the chance to get out of their comfort zones, build their personal and professional networks, and be a part of the solution for Ghana. Our model is low-cost, high-impact, and scalable across Ghana. We have always embraced participatory development and co-creation as the foundations of our approach. They are in our genes and vital to how we approach education and development.

Apply to Become a GSET EdTech Fellow

Why you Should Be a Fellow

GSET recruits ambitious young Ghanaians, immersing them in rural underserved communities to apply their education, enhance critical thinking, and embrace technology integration in Ghanaian education. Guided by experiential learning, they undertake small-scale, high-impact projects identified by communities, fostering personal growth and measurable success.

GSET EdTech Fellows bring diverse backgrounds and expertise, spanning education futures, ICT, learning design, technology integration, computer science, management information, engineering, mathematics, and more. All hold a university degree or equivalent experience, with many having prior social sector experience, adept in project design, implementation, and monitoring.


Requirements for Applying

Upon application completion, a selection committee will thoroughly review materials and invite a chosen few for interviews. Successful candidates will then receive an offer to serve as GSET EdTech Fellows, along with Pre-Service Training details. The process is highly selective, with only top candidates receiving interview invitations.

Any inquiries about the application or selection process can be directed to the Fellowship Coordinator.

General Application Timeline

The Fellow selection process typically takes three months from the time applications close to the start of Pre-Service Training.

The schedule below is a sample based on the most common schedule.


March - April

Applications for the next cohort of GSET EdTech Fellows are open! Most applications close around April 30th.


May - June

The GSET office will review applicants and invite selected candidates for at least two interviews.



Successful candidates will be notified with an offer letter to serve as a GSET EdTech Fellow and instructions to attend Pre-Service Training.



Pre-Service Training begins, starting a yearlong transformational experience for GSET EdTech Fellows.

Interested in being a fellow?

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