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Energizing Minds, Empowering Educators: Our Commitment to Lifelong Learning

At the heart of our mission at Ghana Society for Education Technology is a deep commitment to fueling the professional growth and development of our members – the passionate educators, innovators, and leaders driving progress in STEM and EdTech fields. We believe that continuous learning is not just a necessity, but a powerful catalyst for transformative change.

Our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program is designed to be a dynamic, responsive ecosystem that empowers our members to stay at the forefront of their disciplines. Through a carefully curated selection of workshops, seminars, mentorship opportunities, and specialized certification tracks, we strive to equip our community with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to navigate the rapid evolution of technology and pedagogy.

But this is more than just a series of training sessions – it is a holistic experience that nurtures the intellectual curiosity, collaborative spirit, and innovative mindset that define our members. By fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, providing access to industry thought leaders, and creating spaces for hands-on experimentation, our CPD program cultivates a vibrant culture of lifelong learning.

Embracing the intersection of education and technology, our CPD offerings tackle the most pressing challenges faced by STEM and EdTech professionals. From mastering the latest advances in artificial intelligence and virtual reality to developing effective strategies for inclusive and culturally responsive teaching, we ensure our members are equipped to lead with confidence and vision.

As our world continues to evolve at a dizzying pace, one thing remains certain: the power of knowledge, the drive for excellence, and the pursuit of innovation will always be the cornerstones of progress. Join us in this journey of continuous growth and discovery, as we work together to energize minds and empower educators who are shaping the future.

Ongoing Activities

Teaching Training Together

In partnership with the Teaching Training Together (TTT) organization, GSET is embarking on a three-year initiative to provide professional development training for 90 teachers. Spanning various countries worldwide, this training program is specifically designed to equip educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their respective fields.

3 years, 90 teachers!

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