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GSET Edcamp is a low-cost, ‘bottom-up’ approach to teacher improvement where ‘conference’ participants gather, decide what’s going to be learned, then set out to teach one another in a laid-back, communal approach of sessions. In a GSET Edcamp event, educators simply gather to learn. The Edcamps are free public events that leverage the knowledge and experiences of attendees by allowing educators to collaboratively determine topics for discussion the day of the event.

Join the Edcamp Community!

Educators from all backgrounds are invited to join the Edcamp Community by attending an Edcamp and organizing an Edcamp.

Tenets of the Edcamp Model:

Free and open to all

Edcamps never charge a fee and are open to educators of all levels, subjects and schools. Edcamps are designed to expand professional learning communities by encouraging educator participation across schools and districts.

Participant driven

Edcamps allow participants to collaboratively determine session topics. Typically, session topics are sourced from those attending the Edcamp and the session board is built the day of the Edcamp with participation from participants. However, online Edcamps are allowed to source session topics through their registration process in order to best prepare for their online event.

Experience, not experts

Edcamps encourage participants to facilitate sessions by sharing experiences. At Edcamp, we encourage conversations, not planned presentations.

Rule of Two Feet/Clicks

Edcamps suggest participants find sessions that meet their needs to maximize learning. If you are in a session that is not meeting your needs, we encourage you to move on to another session that may be better suited. Online Edcamps use the Rule of Two Clicks to find a session that better meets their needs!

Vendor Free

Edcamps may not sell any goods/services or require attendees to purchase goods or services. We do not condone inviting vendors to an Edcamp.

EdCamps are ‘unconference’ events with a focus on education and learning. Most professional learning is done where participants listen to one person who shares their presentation with the audience. EdCamps on the other hand are meant to encourage conversation and participation among the attendees. Participants determine the topics for the day and take an active role in setting the direction of the conference. EdCamp is the essence of collaboration–melding and sharing of ideas in the spirit of excitement. How many school professional development days have seen faculty disappointed that there weren’t enough slots to do all the interesting professional development?

Consider having a GSET Edcamp or Edcamp-style PD event at your school, district, region and getting your rock star faculty to take ownership of the subject material. Give respect to your on-staff experts, and have a day full of community building and interesting collaboration.

Considering having an EdCamp?

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