Our History

Since 2017, GSET has been at the forefront of transforming education through technology initiatives.

Our Journey


GSET was born as an informal association, fostering lifelong learning through digital technology.



In-person meetings commenced, nurturing a community of practitioners dedicated to enhancing technology integration in education across pre-tertiary and tertiary levels.


GSET was formally registered and unveiled, marking a significant milestone in its evolution.


GSET played a pivotal role in aiding individuals and organisations in transitioning to online teaching and learning. The organisation partnered with Ghana Education Service and Education Intelligence, UK to introduce the “Teacher app” mobile app survey tool.


 Wikimedia Foundation extended funding to GSET to develop a digital version of Ghana’s Junior High School curriculum.


GSET secured a 3-year scholarship grant from Teaching Training Together, supporting the professional development of educators.


 Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning awarded GSET a grant to implement a 5-year Digital Literacy and ICT Integration activity, cementing its commitment to educational transformation.

From Informal Chats to Education Revolution

In a remarkable journey spanning from May 2016 to August 2018, the founder of the Ghana Society for Education and Technology (GSET) embarked on a groundbreaking initiative under the USAID Partnership for Education. This initiative, known as the USAID Learning Math Pilot, aimed to reshape primary mathematics education through an evidence-based syllabus, innovative instructional materials, and a comprehensive school-based in-service support model.

The project’s initial phase involved the pre-piloting of the model in 20 schools across two districts during the first school year. Lessons learned during this phase were then harnessed to guide an expanded, full pilot implementation in 60 new schools. Accompanying this phase was a rigorous external impact evaluation that assessed the model’s effectiveness in enhancing teaching and learning.

Empowering Teachers through Digital Technology

Central to the success of the project was the use of digital technology, specifically WhatsApp and SMS, to augment teacher preparation. This approach facilitated increased knowledge of mathematics, improved attitudes towards teaching and learning, and wider access to suitable instructional materials. As the project neared its conclusion, the focus shifted towards sustaining the gains and fostering a community of practitioners committed to leveraging digital tools for education.

The Birth of GSET: A Vision for Educational Transformation

Out of the enthusiasm displayed by teachers to continue learning and collaborating, the seeds of GSET were sown. Initially, a group of teachers engaged in WhatsApp group chats to connect and learn from peers involved in the USAID Learning numeracy activity. As time progressed, the need for a formal association became evident. In April 2019, GSET was officially registered, and in July of the same year, it was launched under the patronage of Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Minister of Education, with Dr. Sam Awuku as the Board President and Miracule Gavor as the Founder and Executive Director.

A Meteoric Rise: From 40 to 20,000 Members

From its humble beginnings with around 40 teachers in 2017, GSET’s membership has surged to nearly 20,000 by 2022. The organisation expanded its membership criteria to include anyone with an interest in educational technology, democratising access to its transformative initiatives. GSET has become a driving force in promoting technology integration in Ghana’s education landscape, manifested through various initiatives, annual teacher meetups, and edcamps.

The Ghana Society for Education and Technology’s journey underscores the transformative power of collaboration, innovation, and digital tools in revolutionising education. With each milestone achieved, GSET sets a precedent for effective educational reform, inspiring educators, policymakers, and stakeholders across the nation.


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